July 5

How Tori Was Able to Raise $50K For A Non-Profit With Our Signature Virtual Event Strategies

Meet: Tori Hein

Tori came to us as an online Christian coach that helps ambitious women heal from chronic striving and clarify their God calling.

On top of that, she works for a non-profit that she knew would benefit from our Signature Virtual Event Methods as well.


They adapted our strategies to the needs of their organization and the nature of their trauma-informed work.

With an audience that covers a wide range and the goal of providing an ongoing program, Tori helped them create a wide range of offers to their community!

Here’s what they were able to accomplish just starting off:

  • Hosted a paid event 1-day event, had 121 participants - Raised $7,315
  • Implemented our DM marketing strategies inside their Facebook group to lead them to a low-tier online membership, currently has 135 members - Raised $16,123 so far
  • Hosted their first 3-Day Intensive, had 36 participants - Raised $15,103
  • From that 3-Day Intensive, 25% of the participants converted to their Level 2 In-Person Program - Raised $12,000

That’s a total of $50,541 raised for the non-profit by utilizing only a handful of our Mastermind’s online strategies! What a thing to celebrate!


Imagine how much more impact nonprofits could make if they started mastering the online space like Tori did…

Most nonprofits could use some out-of-the-box thinking with the changing landscape of giving and reaching your ideal audience…

By seeing what’s possible, not only for her business but the nonprofit as well, Tori was able to doubly impact the lives of those she serves…


It’s NOT always about what you can make, but what you can give. Tori saw an opportunity to bless those around her, even with resistance (Founder was a little hesitant about taking everything online). But she ended up fighting for what she saw was possible.

Maybe you can relate to Tori’s story of having a cause you stand behind and know that the world will be a better place the more people that you get to invite into it.

If that sounds like you, then...

Join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you how to raise $50k+ for non profits with some out-of-the-box thinking by launching our Signature Virtual Event Method and running virtual events!

Tori decided to take the risk, the important question is…will you?

- Adam