Want to Attend My Next Virtual Mastermind Training (for Free)?

Yes! My REAL Mastermind alongside my REAL Clients (Not some Pitch Fest)!

I’d Like to Invite You to Attend My Next Mastermind Training (With My Real, Paying Clients) For Free...

Yes, you read that right!

I’d like to give you something I believe is going to really help you out.

(I created a mastermind for mission-driven coaches who want to take their business to 7-figures)...

...And I’d like to allow you to “sit-in” on my next training …free of charge!

This is a Real, Live Mastermind Session
(without ANY pitch at the end)

Let me be clear on this:

This is not some “free training” with a pitch at the end.

This is a real, live session of my Mastermind (that other people are paying to attend)...

...And I’m allowing you to “sit-in” on one of the sessions (for free).

Here’s why I’m doing this:

I’m Doing This Because if You Like It,
You May
Want to Join The Mastermind

If you join one of the sessions….

...and get real value from it,

...and like the community,

...and feel like it could help you reach your business goals this year…

Then you may want to enroll in the mastermind yourself…

And if you join a session and don’t feel it’s right for you, then no biggie.

(The worst case scenario is you’ll get a bunch of high-level value for free)

Here’s What I’ll be Teaching Inside the Mastermind.

I created this mastermind to help mission-driven coaches like you take their business to 7-figures.

That’s why I’m going to be teaching on the following topics:

Creating, Selling, and Scaling 10k, 15k, 25k Offers that can Scale

Our Sales Process that Allows us to Enroll Consistent Clients Every Month and Avoid the “Launch Rollercoaster”

How We Use DM Scripts to Find Clients

Other Forms of Traffic We Use Outside of Facebook Advertising

Removing Mindset Blocks that Keep you Stuck Between 10k-30k/mo and How to Break Past your “Income Ceiling”

How to “Say No to Anything Out of Alignment” and Step into What Matters Most to YOU

And more.

Now, if any of that sounds like exactly what you need right now...

And more.

Now, if any of that sounds like exactly what you need right now...

So if You’re a Mission-Driven Coach (Who Wants To Take Their Business to 7-Figures), And You Want to Attend My Next Mastermind Training (for free)...

Then Schedule a “Mastermind Interview” Today!

(This is NOT a Sales Call. This an interview to see if you’re
a good fit for our mastermind community)