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SBM is a mastermind for coaches, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to sell their content online. We teach clients how to package their expertise, products, and services into a $5-25k offer that people want to buy, create a virtual event to attract prospects for their business, promote the event and get people to attend, run the event and sell their offer, onboard new clients into their program, and maintain and scale their program to 6- and 7-figures and beyond.

Creating Your Offer

  • How to package your program (your offer) so that it justifies a $5-25k or more price tag.
  • How to structure your program so that it is evergreen and you can enroll clients at anytime and have consistent income instead of the ebbs and flows of an open and closed cart.

Creating Your Virtual Event

Free virtual events are great way to attract a lot of prospects into one place so that you can present your offer one-to-many instead of doing many one-to-one sales presentations. Our mastermind takes you through the steps to creating a virtual event:

  • How to create an event topic that prospects would be interested in attending.
  • How to write the copy and create the webpages needed to build the funnel.
  • How to manage the registration process so that 90% of registrants show up to the event.
  • During the registration process, how to schedule sales calls for immediately after the event.
  • What recommended tech stack (software) to use and how to use them and integrate them together so that everything functions and you have a working event funnel using all our templates and scripts.
  • How to run the event, deliver value and impact to the attendees, and pitch your offer.


  • How to sell and close up to 30% of the people who attended the event on the sales calls immediately after the event that were scheduled during the registration process.
  • Access to our closer's playbook that has been used and honed for millions of dollars in sales, which includes how to overcome all the objections you get when selling your content.
  • How to set up payment processing and take payment.
  • How to sell on discovery calls (one-to-one selling versus event one-to-many selling) for those prospects who can't attend an event or are hot for buying now.

Traffic and Marketing Your Event

We teach the following marketing strategies to drive traffic and registrations to your event and sales:

Speak and sweep, influencer collaboration, and paid promotions - How to get influencers to become your client and/or allow you to market your event to their followers (free or paid).

Cold DM outreach - How to send direct messages to prospects on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and get them to attend your event.

5-day Content Strategy - How to see who in your audience is ready to buy now (and how to sell them through discovery calls) for immediate cash infusion.

Podcasting - How to use podcasting as a prospecting tool to land clients directly and promote your event.

Email list - How to write emails to launch your event to your existing email list.

Speaking engagements - How to book paid or free speaking engagements that allow you to promote your event or offer.

Sphere of influence - How to market to your personal network for business and referrals.

Partnership program - How to get referrals from your existing clients.

Affiliate program - How to build an army of affiliates who are excited to promote your program.

Brand influence - How to build a personal brand and following.

Client and Program Management

  • How to onboard new clients and integrate them in with your existing clients.
  • How to create new client agreements.
  • How to continually create content and provide new trainings.
  • How to create and manage a client membership website that houses all your content.
  • How to create an engaged and active community.
  • How to provide and handle customer support.
  • How to sell client renewals so that they stay as paying clients for recurring income.

Growing Your Program

How to hire and train the people and positions to scale.

How to create the systems and policies and procedures to scale.

How to create the spreadsheets and reports you need to run your business.

We document everything we do to scale our mastermind and you get to inherit all that knowledge and experience without having to make the same expensive mistakes we did or have to figure it out on your own.

Deliverables, Tools, & Support

These are all the tangible things you get:

  • Facebook group for threaded support conversations 5 days a week.
  • Telegram instant messaging group chat support 5 days a week, in addition to networking with other members and discussion.
  • Code red email access for private urgent support 5 days a week.
  • Live trainings (calendar). Here's what an average month looks like on our training calendar:
  • Onboarding - Series of 3 weekly meetings just for getting started as a new client so that you're off to a quick start during your first 30 days.
  • Marketing Implementation - 90-minute meetings twice a month on sales copy, copy writing, messaging, direct response marketing, and support for ongoing help implementing anything in our program.
  • Tech - 60-minute workshops every week for Q&A and support specifically relating to anything that has to do with tech.
  • Accountability - 60-minute meetings every week for project management, coaching, implementation, and ongoing help implementing anything in our program.
  • Sales - 60-minute trainings twice a month with our Director of Sales. You can role play, go over sales calls you've had, ask questions, practice objection handling, etc.
  • SBM training - 2-hour training once a month on a new strategy or content on what's working now.
  • Guest training - New training from outside experts and guests throughout the month.
  • Access to client membership site with dozens of videos and hours of training about everything discussed on this page.

Here is how you can get it!

Pay in Full for $12,997


Payment Plan for $14,250

$5,000 deposit and $1,850/mo for 5 months