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A Short Message from the CEO…

Thanks for taking interest in our Influencer Collective partnership program. We are honored that you are in consideration of linking arms with us.

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As you watch, write down any questions you have and get back to the person who invited you so they can help you get your questions answered!

If this is a good fit, you will get set up with our onboarding process to help you have the best experience here as part of your next steps.

Once again, we are honored to have you learn more and we are excited for the impact and influence we can possibly create together!


Adam Flores 

Founder of the Influencer Collective by Smart Business Mastermind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who/what is Smart Business Mastermind?
Smart Business Mastermind (SBM) is a high-level mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to master the skillsets and systems to reach 6 and 7 figures selling their content online. You can read more on our homepage.

What is the "job" (what exactly am I doing) and the time requirement?
SBM is looking for people who would like to get paid to promote our program by giving away a free guest pass to our virtual events. There are many ways to do it, but using social media platforms like Instagram is one of the more popular options by using our proven scripts and marketing material to comment and DM (direct message). As for time commitment, we recommend 1-2 hours a day.

How much do I get paid?
On average, 1 out of 5 people who you give a free guest pass to that attend our virtual events will enroll into our program, which results in a starting commission of $1,000 (and up to around $5,000) to you. So the question becomes, how many free guest passes to our virtual event can you give out? 

How do I know I'll be successful at this?
This is a great fit for you if you like connecting with people and using social media.

Disclaimer: This is not a network marketing or MLM. You don't have to recruit anyone, pay SBM anything, buy anything from SBM, or approach anyone you know (like friends and family) to get started. This is an opportunity to join our event marketing team/company.