January 11

How Nikki & Alex Found Their Rhythm and Reached Their HIGHEST Month with their FIRST Event!

Meet: Nikki Hutson & Alex Hatch

Nikki and Alex are two new heroes in our community! They support female entrepreneurs to develop and grow their online business and brand. They are passionate about teaching women the marketing world better, helping them understand the concept of ’people buy people, not products.’


We showed them our Signature Virtual Event Method, and they discovered it was exactly what their business needed to elevate their business to the next level..

We taught them how to:

  • Package everything into ONE authentically aligned offer
  • Implement our marketing systems to attract ideal clients
  • Master how to navigate sales conversations
  • Run a FREE 2-day virtual event that gives attendees exactly what they need

Nikki and Alex applied these strategies and incorporated them into their offering, achieving an impressive $8,600 sales for their FIRST event! They feel more aligned than ever before with their direction and vision for their business, and have finally found their rhythm!


Imagine the influence they can have on even more women in business on a larger scale now that they have established a strong foundation with the right systems in place..

Numerous entrepreneurs hit a wall by sticking to the same outdated methods..

Struggling to reach their ideal client they would like to serve…


You DON’T have to go through the entrepreneurial journey alone or start from scratch. You DO have the potential to bring your business to new heights!

Maybe you can relate to Nikki & Alex’s story where you sense a calling and have something unique to share, but not expanding to the reach you’d like.

If that sounds like you, then…

Join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you how to launch our Signature Virtual Event Method and give you the runway to scale to $30K months and beyond!

Nikki & Alex decided to break past that ceiling, the important question is…will you?