March 4

How Mike Dialed In & Hit $20k with His FIRST Event!

Meet: Mike Katz

Mike has a passion and desire for coaching executives and leaders to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. He has a deep knowledge of leadership, psychology, and spirituality that he has merged together to guide individuals and businesses.


Mike joined our community and realized the growth his business was missing out on and could achieve by adopting our strategies into his own offerings. He was able to:

  • Host a transformative 2-Day virtual event that exceeds expectations
  • Discover a variety of marketing techniques, including our ‘GATE’ method to attract ideal clients
  • Master how to navigate any sales conversations
  • Present an exclusive high-ticket group coaching offer

With Mike already perfecting his craft as an established executive coach, combined with implementing all of these strategies above, he was able to launch his FIRST event, signed up multiple people who paid IN FULL, and secured a total of $20k in NEW enrollments!!


Mike has all the necessary tools to refine and scale even further for each upcoming event…

Imagine the amount of people he will be able to reach and impact even more now that he has the right systems in place..


You DON'T have to handle every aspect of your business solo or stick to the old ways to see it succeed. Sometimes just a few tweaks can be all that's needed to take your business to new heights!

Maybe you can relate to Mike’s story where you know you have something special to offer, and simply need the right strategies and techniques to best scale your business!

If that sounds like you, then...

We invite you to join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you our Signature Virtual Event Method and how to launch 6-figure events WITHOUT compromising your calling and time outside of work! You can find that balance!

Mike decided that was worth fighting for, the important question is…will you?