July 3

How Michael Transformed from Almost Closing His Business to Making Over 30k in His First Launch!

Meet: Michael Jaimes

Michael empowers individuals to move beyond mundane, 'ordinary' living and begin to embrace the potential of living an EXTRAordinary life. He was stuck and on the verge of closing his business, but knew the importance of sharing his God-given gift with more people.


Michael joined our community, and we introduced him to our Signature Virtual Event Method, where he learned how to:

  • Host a 2-Day virtual event that surpasses expectations
  • Present an exclusive, high-ticket group coaching offer
  • Apply the 'GATE' method effectively
  • Streamline the sales conversations to save time and energy

After taking our strategies and implementing them into his own business, he launched his FIRST event and hit OVER $30k in sales!!


Michael has all of the necessary tools to improve and expand with each event..

Consider the amount of people he will continue to impact all due to taking a leap of faith, joining our Mastermind, and learning the right systems to have in place..

It's common for entrepreneurs to be unsure where to start on how to achieve their desired results..


You DON'T have to navigate the entrepreneurial journey alone or from scratch, and you DO have the power to take your business to the next level!

Maybe you can relate to Michael's story of recognizing you have a God-given gift that can impact lives, yet feeling on the brink of closing doors, and simply need the right systems and strategies in place to thrive.

If that sounds like you, then...

Join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you how to launch our Signature Virtual Event Method and give you the runway to scale to $30K months and beyond!

Michael decided to break past that ceiling, the important question is…will you?