May 20th and May 21st

2-Day Live Online Workshop for Online Entrepreneurs

Plus an exclusive bonus of pre-recorded expert trainings

How to Launch 6-Figure Virtual Workshops with Small Groups

After this 2-day LIVE event and the exclusive bonus of pre-recorded expert trainings, you’ll know how to launch successful virtual workshops with only 20-30 attendees AND you’ll have your next event 100% planned out!


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About the speakers

2 Day Live Workshop Speaker

Adam Flores

CEO & Founder of SMART Business Mastermind Millionaire Strategy And Scaling Expert

Adam is a revolutionary leader in business. For many years he struggled to get his message and business ideas out into the world. His frustration led him to become a radical student in leadership, social media, and Internet marketing. His ability to combine the best fundamental principles in each category, paved the way for Adam to build his business beyond a million dollars in sales. Although he’s had a lot of success, it wasn’t enough for Adam. His genuine passion and charisma to see people and organizations win in the marketplace has been his driving force to become an expert in his craft. He now spends his time consulting for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the country.

Pre-recorded Workshop Speaker

Dan BenneTt 

Mastering Video Dynamics for Virtual Event Success

Best practices for your video equipment, camera presence, framing, lighting, audio, and most importantly...your mindset while recording!

With over 15 years of experience in the video production industry, Dan Bennett has journeyed from working with Fortune 500 giants like Harley Davidson and Bud Light to

founding Video For Entrepreneurs helping people who film themselves. 

His mission? To level the playing field for smaller businesses, helping them shine on camera just as brightly as the 'big dogs' with hefty budgets.

Pre-recorded Workshop Speaker

Sam Vander Wielen 

Legal First Steps to Take When SCALING an online business with a group coaching program

Sam Vander Wielen is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur and legal educator who helps coaches & service providers legally protect and grow their online brands through her legal templates, her podcast “On Your Terms”, and her signature program, the Ultimate Bundle™️. Sam lives in Long Island, NY with her husband Ryan, bernedoodle Hudson, lots of plants and her ever-growing stack of favorite books. If you’ve always associated attorneys with words like “shark,” “intense,” and “cutthroat,” you’re in for a down-to-earth breath of legal fresh air from Sam.

Pre-recorded Workshop Speaker

Jeff Felten

Email marketing mastery for virtual events

How to fill your virtual event seats from your email list using high-converting email copywriting strategies that actually work in 2024

Jeff Felten is shaking things up in the email marketing world. With a professional background in copywriting and personal brand strategy, his unique approach to marketing centers around one crucial thing: TRUST. By knowing how to build and leverage trust in email marketing, Jeff has sold over $275,000 in online products within 1 year and has written hundreds of marketing emails for over 50 personal clients that resulted in the revenue growth they were looking for. His goal is to bring similar results your way so that you can learn how to grow your business by mastering your emails with confidence, and without the overwhelm. 

Pre-recorded Workshop Speaker

Jess Wass

How to Make Your Virtual Launch Sustainable: Learn the 3 Productivity Techniques to Help You Avoid Launch Burnout

Jess Wass is the Founder & CEO of Reworkit, a transformative coaching company dedicated to reimagining the professional landscape. She's been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, US News & World Report, Psychology Today, Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek. With a passion for facilitating transformative growth, she guides individuals and organizations towards realizing their full potential through Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Productivity & Performance Coaching, and facilitation of corporate workshops.

Pre-recorded Workshop Speaker

Corey Wilks

Overcoming fears and self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you from having a 7-figure virtual event launch

Dr. Corey Wilks is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach who helps the top entrepreneurs in the world clarify what matters, overcome limiting beliefs, and build a values-aligned life and business. On his website, his writing focuses on exploring the psychology of how to succeed in life and business.

Pre-recorded Workshop Speaker

Candace Junee

How to Create Compelling Marketing Content that Generates Leads & Boosts Sales

Named top social media expert by Later Media, Candace Junée is an award-winning digital marketing & automation strategist who has helped over 25,000 business owners increase their visibility, attract paying clients, and make consistent sales through her coaching and digital courses. With over $1.7M in sales generated and an audience of over 175K across social media platforms, she is also the founder of Epic Fab Girl, a community that has helped a global community of Black Christian Women entrepreneurs build profitable brands through the Go-Getter Conferences, membership & podcast.

Who this is for…

Life & Business Coaches

Executive Coaches and Consultants

Agency Owners & Service Providers

Influencers & Course Creators

Speakers & Trainers

Anyone who sells (or wishes to sell) content online

“The best 6 hours you’ll ever invest in yourself..”

What you’ll do in this workshop…


- Why the “Traditional Event Model” of getting 100’s of registrants & a 15% show rate is broken & outdated

- The “Transformation Workshop Model” that only needs 10-20 QUALITY registrants to be successful

- How virtually anyone can be successful with this model (even if they have ZERO audience or following)

- The Simple Marketing Strategy that anyone can use to fill their workshop

- The “Full House” method to virtually guarantee that people show up your workshop

- Learn our latest event marketing strategies to successfully fill your workshop even if you’re in the middle of launching other offers & programs


- How to successfully sell your offer using the “Genuine Pitch” Method

- Why the “Genuine Pitch” Method converts 30% of the room (on average) while the traditional method only converts 3-10%

- How to properly structure your workshop so that it’s high-value

- How to get them interested in working with you (before you ever share your offer)

- How to remove fear & feel extremely confident and excited on the day of your workshop!

Results from past attendees…

Imagine for one moment

You register for the workshop

You leave the workshop with your first workshop completely planned out.

You learn the simple marketing strategy to fill your workshop

And 30 days later, you have your first successful event!.

You’re feeling pumped!

Your beliefs about what’s possible have forever changed

And now, your confidence is at a whole other level.

You’re excited about your next event.

You’re setting bigger goals.

And your life-as-a-whole is changing also.

You’re no longer spending several hours each week on sales calls.

You have more time to enjoy & work on other things

Your peace of mind is greater than ever before.

Your bank account is growing.

And your relationships are better than ever.

And it all started from one decision you made today.

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Still on the fence?
Here are some
questions you might have

We have several different event times, so during the registration process we’ll get you connected with the one that works best for you.

This is a VIRTUAL training on Zoom.

The majority of our community are selling coaching programs, membership sites, masterminds, online courses, and retreats; however, non-profit organizations have used our training system to raise funds and others have used this to recruit teammates into their organization. If you do any of the mentioned above, you’ll be highly impressed as these are the same strategies we share with our $25k paying clients…that you will get on this training for free.

What makes this training experience unique is that we will be doing breakout sessions during our mastermind so that you can network with other people in our community. Also, this is an implementation based training, which means you will be leaving with work done instead of leaving with a checklist of things to do.

Nope! Your first mastermind training experience is complementary.

You cannot buy anything during this training. This training is going to be 100% value.

This is an implementation-based training with exercises. Meaning we’re actually going to do the work on the training, and you’ll get my feedback on what you create.

This is a way for me to build your trust by getting you "results-in-advance." If it works out for you, then there’s a chance you might want to join some of my paid training.