May 22

How Kara & Natasha Scaled With Bigger Vision & Hit $30k In Their First Launch

Meet: Kara Fillion & Natasha Leya

Kara and Natasha came to us with many years in this space with great success already under their belts.

But they were looking for a more leveraged way to enroll clients.


We gave them the strategies necessary to:

  1. Qualify for the most target leads to show up to their event.
  2. Deliver and scale past current monthly sales
  3. Make $30K in their VERY FIRST launch
  4. Now have the runway to hit $50-$60K months as their next goal!

They are excited for the future and the runway that is now possible with our strategies and Signature Virtual Event Method.


Imagine how much it would have cost Kara and Natasha if they decided NOT to find a way to better leverage what was already considered “successful.”

Most online entrepreneurs define their success by other people’s standards…

But what if what other’s considered successful was just the beginning?

Kara and Natasha had a bigger vision and kept fighting for the success of their clients and their business…


It’s NOT about what others say is successful, but more importantly, aiming for a larger impact, so you can build a thriving, future-proof business that can impact hundreds if not thousands of lives.

Maybe you can relate to Kara and Natasha’s story of wanting to scale your business bigger and better in a way that doesn’t steal away more of your time.

If that sounds like you, then...

Click the video above, to see how Kara and Natasha hit $30K in their very first launch and how they plan to scale that even more in the future!

They were going after bigger vision, the important question is…will you?

  • Adam

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