May 2

How Joy Went From $2-3K Months To Hitting $10-$20K/m

Meet: Joy Johnson

Joy is an online fitness and life coach that was selling through her DMS when we first met her. 

She would nurture her leads to a call, sell them, and then to private coaching…

Everything was very 1-on-1 and required a lot of her energy!


We introduced her to our Signature Virtual Event Model and streamlined her entire process!

We gave Joy the systems and framework to: 

  1. Deliver a high-level sales pitch in a group setting
  2. Create a group coaching offer 
  3. Stop doing everything 1-on-1 – and save so much time and energy!
  4. Go from $2-$3K/month to hitting $10-$20K every month!

And, she was able to do to all of that in 90 days!


Imagine what more you could do if you consolidated your coaching and sales.

Most coaches believe they lose a personal touch when selling in groups…

And with some methods, that may be true…

But, we taught Joy how to use groups with an even higher level of intimacy and trust…

Which is exactly what you need as you work to scale and create higher ticket offers….


You can only scale to the level of your systems. And if all of your energy is being drained by the systems you have in place (or lack thereof), it’s time to revamp your strategies so you can plan to scale bigger!

Maybe you can relate to Joy’s story of spending an overwhelming amount of her energy on building and growing her community with limited results!

If that sounds like you, then...

Click the video above, to see how our strategies helped Joy start hitting $10-$20K months AND save her time and energy! 

Joy was ready to get the right systems in place… Will you?


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