April 26

How Derron Hit $90K+ Completely New to Coaching in His First Launch

Meet: Derron Walker

Derron came to us completely new to coaching,

No offer, no following, no experience, but a heart to help people take their stories and create 6 and 7-figure online businesses. 

He had spent years in the network marketing space with much success, but was looking for more time freedom and purpose behind his work.


Derron joined our SMART Business Mastermind community where we helped him:

  1. Create a $10K group offer from scratch

  2. Implement our systems from end to end

  3. Streamline his marketing to ONE virtual event

  4. Fill his event with 200+ qualified and eager leads

  5. Launch his first event and make $90K!

Derron was able to find the freedom to build a 7-figure business of his own, change the lives of his new coaching clients AND spend more time with his growing family…

His wife was pregnant with their third child while he was building all of this out.


Derron has already built everything out, andonly has to focus on pouring into his group coaching clients, and run his virtual events every 8 to 12 weeks.

Imagine how much it would have cost Derron and his family if he decided NOT to jump in to something totally new?

Most entrepreneurs keep trying the same things…

Fear and self-doubt holding them back from believing it’s even possible...

To create something that fulfills your purpose, allows you to put your gifts on display, and spend time doing more of what you love…


It’s NOT about all the “what ifs” of how it could go wrong that you should focus on, but more importantly what is possible when you don’t allow fear to hold you back!

Maybe you can relate to Derron’s story of wanting to do something more purposeful while providing more time and stability for your family.

If that sounds like you, then...

Click the video above, to see how our strategies helped Derron make $90K in his first virtual event as a completely NEW Coach!

Derron decided the risk of failing was worth it, the real question is...will you?


P.S. Derron is now able to spend intentional time with his family and his group coaching clients in a way that some don’t believe is even possible, but he was just like you! Join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you how to start running your own $90K+ virtual events!