April 26

How Ann Added An Additional $130K With Our Virtual Event Strategies

Meet: Ann Carden

Ann works with Coaches and Consultants who want to build high end businesses by attracting really high end clients. 

She was strictly working with one-on-one clients, but wanted to start including group coaching in her offer.


In our SMART Business Mastermind, we gave Ann:

  1. The framework to build her new group coaching offer

  2. The end to end systems on running virtual events

  3. The marketing model to fill her virtual events with high-end clients

And without even fully implementing all of the strategies that we taught her, Ann brought in over $130K in her virtual event!

She has only just gotten started, and we can’t wait for her to fully utilize every strategy. 

Ann is an excellent coach that was already incredibly successful, 


She still saw room to improve, excel, and impact more people. 

Imagine what more you could add to your private coaching model.

Most coaches believe the best results are in one-on-one private coaching…

But truthfully, it limits the amount of your time that you can invest...

In your clients, your marketing, and your family, before you hit a ceiling…

And group coaching offers something that private coaching can’t…

An environment that can excel your clients progress by learning from others in the group, insight from others in the group, and a sense of camaraderie from being in a room of people just like them!


Just because something seems to be working, doesn’t mean you can’t improve it to excel even beyond what you thought was possible!

Maybe you can relate to Ann’s story of wanting to add group coaching into your current offer or even completely switch from private to group coaching!

If that sounds like you, then...

Click the video above, to see how our strategies helped Ann add an additional $130K to her bottom line (on top of what she was already doing)!

Ann was willing to dream bigger and reach for more… Will you?


P.S. If you’re ready to start dreaming bigger, join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you how to start running your own $130K+ virtual events!