A High-Level Mastermind For Entrepreneurs Who
Want To Take Their Business To 7 Figures


If you’ve landed on this page, you’re a successful entrepreneur. You’ve built your business from the ground up, you’ve hit 6-figures or more, and the 5-figure months are flowing.


While other people look at you and think you should just be “satisfied”... you’re hungry. You are hungry for more impact, more freedom, and for that multiple 7-figure empire you know you’re meant to build. 

You KNOW you’re meant for more.

In the 

SMART Business Mastermind,

We’re about doing business smarter


You could drop the hustle & overwhelm and scale to 7-figures with high-level support and coaching to get you there??

Here’s a Secret...You Can!

See If Any Of This Resonates With You....

  • You’re Overworked: Your business is successful, but you put in too much time, you’re constantly bogged down with work and you don’t have time for life.
  • You’re Unclear: You want to massively level up your game, but you don’t have clarity and certainty on what path to take. Your indecision leaves you with a lot of “start and stop” marketing efforts. 
  • You Feel Disappointed at Times: You’ve worked so hard to get to your current level, but your identity is still higher than the paycheck you take home. You feel underpaid in relation to how you see yourself.
  • You’re Exhausted: You’re managing FB groups, growing your email list, going live, and mastering social media … but you’re exhausted because there isn’t a clear path to getting your freedom back.
  • You’re Doing All The Things: You’re taking care of WAY too many things, but you’re nervous to delegate the more sensitive parts of your business to others. You are spending all of your time on not just marketing but on the never ending tasks of lead follow-up and customer service. 
  • You’re Tired of Slow Growth: Your business is growing, step-by-step, but you’re tired of incremental growth and are ready for a massive breakthrough.



We’re here to help you change the story









A High-Level Mastermind For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Take Their Business To 7 Figures

SMART BUSINESS MASTERMIND will give you the freedom to work smarter, not harder, by implementing ONE proven method that we used to go from 6 to 7 Figures and we want to share our strategies with you.

Here’s what’s possible for you when you Become a part of the
SMART Business Mastermind

You have a clear path: You have a clear understanding of how to consistently inject cash into your business through one simple strategy.

Your business is working FOR you: Instead of feeling scattered and overwhelmed, you step into the role of Visionary, which allows you to focus only on what you do best. 

You have a clear understanding of exactly how to create Revenue ON DEMAND: You have all the tools and knowledge to continuously add increasing revenue to your business. 

You have the means to massively uplevel your lifestyle: New car, new home, that dream vacation? Check, check, check.

You have Total Freedom: Growing your business has given you MORE freedom, not less, and you get to spend time on yourself, your family, and your friends.

You’re making the impact you know you were meant to make: You are powerfully serving your clients, creating massive transformation for them, and continuously expanding your influencer circle. 

You feel in Alignment: Your identity finally matches your income level and you feel Empowered, Confident, and full of Passion


Hey, I’m Adam!

I was working tons of hours feeling completely trapped by my business. If you were to look at my life, I was the one generating the leads, making the sales, helping my clients, doing the accounting, marketing, advertising, emails, social media...not to mention all of the fires I had to put out. It was only a matter of time before I started feeling anxiety and overwhelm. Stress leaked into my relationship, family time was hard to find, and I was trapped inside of my dream. I remember thinking to myself, “When will this ever end?”.
How Did I Get Here?

Prior to becoming a business coach and agency owner, I built a business that did over a million dollars in sales. I was marketing wellness products and I had an incredible lifestyle to say the least. The only problem is that I realized one day I was selling vitamins and supplements --- Something I didn’t want to do with my life. However, It was from that moment that I made a decision to build something that would truly impact people. So I left the money, lifestyle, and business behind to start all over and do what I found to be most fulfilling ---- becoming a creative entrepreneur sharing the ideas that I was put on this earth to carry out. So I made the jump..talk about a SCARY Moment in my life!

So What Happened?

Fast forward to now, I have one of the MOST fulfilling lifestyles I could ever imagine along with an A-MA-ZING and fast growing company called The Dream Factory Co. I get to wake up, exercise, meditate, drink my mudwater for the day and start my morning writing my content. I make check-in calls with my team to set goals for the day, coach groups I love, speak where I’m invited, write what’s on my heart, build a team with people I love, and lead where my spirit leads me to go. The most rewarding part is letting my innermost thoughts and expressions out into the world to make the impact I envisioned.

That is why I created the SMART Business Inner Circle Mastermind!

It’s a program designed to help you learn the strategies and mindset necessary to build a 7-Figure Business. I mean who wouldn’t want to have multiple passive income streams doing what you love? However, there are many moving parts and my commitment is to get you unstuck and give you the tools and resources to get you to your goals in a more efficient and effective way that has proven to work with many of my students and clients from all over the world!

Here’s My Bottom Line Goal for You!

I want to help you increase your influence, structure the right CORE offers, implement the best conversion strategies to bring on more clients, systematize your marketing and traffic strategies and get the right team in place to help you reach all of your financial goals so you can make the impact you know is within you!

What Will You Learn?

Inside this Mastermind, you’ll learn exactly how to:

  • Master a millionaire skill set and mindset 
  • Create a consistent stream of dream clients who are the perfect fit for your program
  • Structure a 10k, 25k, and 50k offer that actually gets results 
  • Sell premium packages with ease and confidence Find the clients who are happy to pay premium prices
  • Remove bottlenecks in your business that are holding back your sales flow
  • Streamline and automate the parts of your business that are wasting your time for no reason
  • Gain your freedom back so you can focus on what really matters to you
  • Retain clients for long term growth 


It’s totally possible … I know because I’ve done it.

Which Level Works Best for You?

  • Mentorship: (Live Coaching and Strategy Calls with Adam Every Two Weeks): Get access to the CEO of a multi-million dollar coaching agency. Learn how to structure, market, hire/train and systematize your business to multiply growth. What’s A-MA-ZING is how Adam teaches the CEO mindset that can change the game for any business you have for a lifetime. 
  • Accountability & Recognition: (Meet with Your Revenue Increase Accountability Coaching Every Two Weeks): We want to make sure we create an environment where we keep you accountable to doing the income producing activities that generate revenue every month. This includes setting goals and getting recognized when you hit those goals. 
  • Increase Your Network and Be Apart of A Community: Mastermind & Network with other Influencers so you can accelerate partnerships, knowledge and build lasting relationships with people on the same journey as you. 
  • Tools for Speed and Accuracy: Get access to Worksheets and Templates that have taken us years to develop that will help systematize your operations and organize many aspects of your business. 
  • Communvication: Private Slack Group for Anytime Q &A along with Voxer access to your accountability coach AKA revenue coach. . 
  • Resource Library: Access to All Recordingsand Back Office Logins for Additional Resources and Content. This can be a great resource for team members to enhance their education in their marketing role so they can increase revenue for you.

With EVERYTHING You're Getting…

  • Receive a steady flow of income from predictable marketing effort.
  • Evangelize a program/service you are proud of with confidence, clarity, and faith.
  • Provide a luxury offer to an audience that can easily afford it and are happy to pay for it. 
  • Avoid the mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when marketing their products and services, so you save time, money, and heartache.
  • Implement and Scale one SIMPLE strategy that has turned dozens of six-figure entrepreneurs into multi-millionaires.

I’m even pulling back the curtain and REVEALING how I jumped from 6 to 7 Figures in my own business.


A High-Level Mastermind For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Take Their Business To 7 Figures


  • Anyone wanting to create high-end services and packages to serve a high-level audience. 
  • People wanting to elevate in life at accelerated levels instead of slowly progressing
  • People wanting to learn a new way to make MUCH MORE profit while having their business work for them and their lives
  • Anyone who wants to experience learning in an environment that challenges them and keeps them accountable


  • It’s not for someone who wants to stay in their comfort zone
  • It’s not for someone who hasn’t yet hit 6 figures in their business
  • It’s not for someone who is happy playing small
  • It’s not for someone without BIG vision and dreams

No More Letting Fear Stop You!
It’s Time to Take Action


A High-Level Mastermind For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Take Their Business To 7 Figures