July 3

How Christian Went From $0 to $17,500!

Meet: Christian Elliot

Christian has a passion for guiding people through their detox and healing journeys. He came to us wanting to expand his reach to share his expertise and empower more individuals, but wasn't sure where to begin.


We showed Christain our Signature Virtual Event Method, where we taught him how to:

  • Run a 2-Day virtual event that goes above and beyond expectations
  • Combine everything into ONE valuable group coaching offer
  • Implement the 'GATE' method to attract ideal clients
  • Make sales conversations more efficient to save time and effort

Despite seeing $0 in sales from his first event, after making some adjustments and implementing our strategies, his second event was a success bringing in $17,500 in NEW enrollments!!


Christian has all of the essential tools to refine and grow with each event..

Just imagine the amount of people he'll impact now that he's established the right systems in place..

Many entrepreneurs feel trapped, and aren't sure where to begin or use outdated methods that don't bring them their desired results..


You DON’T have to handle everything on your own for your business to thrive, or stick to using the same old methods.

Sometimes, all  it takes is  just a few tweaks to elevate your business to the next level!

Maybe you can relate to Christian's story of having a gift to share with the world, and simply need the right strategies to reach your target audience.

If that sounds like you, then...

Join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you how to launch our Signature Virtual Event Method and give you the runway to scale to $30K months and beyond!

Christain decided to break past that ceiling, the important question is…will you?