June 6

How Azzurro Refined His Focus & Hit $65k His FIRST Launch!

Meet: Azzurro Mallin

Azzurro came to us after being dissatisfied with other coaching programs, investing  thousands only to find himself stuck in the same position without a clear path forward. He felt he was always leaving with bits & pieces and never gaining a complete understanding of how to advance his business further.


Azurro joined our community and we introduced him to our Signature Virtual Event Method, where we taught him how to:

  • Run a FREE 2-day virtual event that gives attendees exactly what they need
  • Combine everything into ONE valuable group coaching offer
  • Learn to effectively use the 'GATE' method
  • Boost client enrollment rates consistently

With these new strategies and clear systems in place, Azzurro was able to hit $65k with his FIRST event launch! Not only that… he successfully hit $60k again on his SECOND launch!

He came to us feeling completely lost on what his next steps were, to now being equipped with a clear roadmap on how to scale his business even further and feels confident about the path ahead!


Azzurro has all of the necessary tools to refine and grow with each event..

Imagine the increased number of people he'll impact now that he has simply established the right systems..

It's common for entrepreneurs to feel stuck, trying outdated methods to see what sticks, leading them to burnout..


Your business has the power to overcome any challenges!

With the right strategies that provide value to your clients, you can overcome any obstacles.

Maybe you can relate to Azzurro's story and have tried several different coaching programs just to leave unsatisfied, and no further ahead than where you began.

If that sounds like you, then...

Join our next 2 Day event with a FREE guest pass, and we’ll show you how to launch our Signature Virtual Event Method and give you the runway to scale to $30K months and beyond!

Azzurro decided to break past that ceiling, the important question is…will you?